Structured Cabling Installation

MK2 Communications’ highly trained technicians and engineers provide custom network solutions based on your company’s bandwidth, network and budgetary requirements while taking into consideration factors such as the future growth of your company and potential technological developments.

Our team is fully qualified to provide complete copper, fiber-optic, and specialty cable installation, terminations, upgrades, updates, maintenance and re-locations. Additionally, we represent many major brands, including Belden, Mohawk, and Panduit, but are also able to source any specification that you require or request.

When planning your project, MK2 Communications’ will make recommendations based on your current situation as well as your future projections.  Whether you utilize CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6e, or CAT6A will be based on your individual needs, budget and your leasing situation.  As a customer with a 2 year lease, your requirements may be more short term and budget driven than the company employing 10 Multi Media users along with 20 office staff that has just purchased their building.

MK2 Communications strives to provide you with the perfect solution, and insure that you have the required information to make an informed decision.  We strive to keep your budget in place while weighing against your potential future needs.

To insure future employees and IT personnel will be able to navigate your network, MK2 Communications will document and label every detail of the cable installation and provide you with as-built floor plan showing all locations.