Sound Masking


Why Choose Sound Masking?

It’s too noisy. It’s too quiet. People are overhearing my private conversations.

These common complaints are indications of a sound problem due to poor workplace acoustics.  All can be addressed with a sound masking system.

Direct-Field Systems

Direct field systems use miniature emitters to project a uniform sound directly into the workspace. The ceiling-mounted emitters disperse a pre-programmed spectrum and require no tuning. These are simple and inexpensive to install, and prevent overflow of sound into unintended spaces.  Direct field systems result in a quieter, far less complicated system that requires very little power.

In-Plenum Systems

Plenum-based systems are installed above the ceiling tile. The white noise sound is projected upward and bounces off the ceiling deck, through the ceiling tiles and into the workspace below. While this system is slightly more expensive, the results are substantially noticed.

Key Facts:  Keep Private Conversations,  HIPPA Compliance, Increase Employee Focus, Block out background conversations